The Following is a description of what is available at this site or will be.

About Baffle Creek - Provide information on the river system Baffle Creek and the surrounding region, including the townships and communities.

Attractions - A directory of information regarding places to go, sites to see and things to do, including services related to those attractions.

Business Services - A directory of businesses and their services available to our community. Advertising information is below.

Fishing - Since fishing and boating are so popular with local and visiting people a whole web page is devoted to it, including services supporting fishing and boating. This web-page encourages user involvement allowing presentation of fishing stories, tall tales and true, useful info, images and movies of their catch.

Forum - A free, moderated, family oriented, Message Discussion Forum is available for community and visitor involvement. Free Classifieds for non commercial purposes are available. Note - Community groups or organisations may make as much use of the Forum as desired. A number of discussion areas are available, these include:

News & Weather - Links to local, national and international news and weather sites on the net.

Visitor Info - A directory of businesses, their services and other information available for our visitors.

Wildlife - An area dedicated to our local environment, flora and fauna. This web-page encourages user involvement allowing for presentation of relevant educational information such as images, movies and sounds of wildlife and landscape.

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Advertising at - Do you operate a local business or non local business that provides services for our communities and our visitors? You might like to promote your services here.

Word of mouth is good for your reputation but "around these parts" there's a lot of distance to cover and the word can take a long time to get around. Let our region know who you are and what you do. Your sign placed here will never fade, fall apart or blow away in a storm and we get traffic by here too!

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About This Site - is a locally owned and locally operated website which was designed and created by the Webmaster, who's located down by the riverside of Beautiful Baffle Creek.

The aims of are to provide a directory of information and a variety of services "on the net" for the Baffle Creek Regional Community (in other words for the many communities of the Baffle Creek Catchment area) for potential community members and for visitors. To promote appreciation and protection of the region's special Natural and Cultural Heritage.

Note - A number of internet services are provided by for our local community groups or organisations at no cost. If you belong to such a group or organisation and would like to know more about FREE services please read the following and the Advertising & Web Design Costs link below.