We are very fortunate to have such great diversity of Wildlife inhabiting our region.

Some species in the Baffle Creek Region are found in most parts of Australia, other species are rare in many parts of our country yet common in our region. Then, there are species inhabiting parts of our region rare and or endangered elsewhere. Those species survive here due to the high integrity of habitat, the eucalypt forests, rainforests, heath, wetlands, Baffle Creek River System and coral reefs, which support our native wildlife. Additionally, some species of wildlife are Key Species, supported by this habitat yet also support the habitat in return in special ways. Without Key Species, habitat and ecosystems decline and extinction occurs.

Ecosystems are incredibly complex systems of life. These are fascinating and precious natural resources of tremendous educational, economic, cultural and scientific value. Most importantly though is the importance of sustaining all life, including our own.

This web page is dedicated to appreciation of our environment and wildlife, the flora and fauna of our region. Would you like to present your images or video of local flora and fauna on this web page? Please email the Webmaster for information.

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